TV Norge Subscription TV

User experience, user interface and interaction design for TV Norge, a subscription based television service from Norway.

In consultation with Accenture and Discovery Channel, London. 


When Discovery Channel purchased TV Norge, a subscription based television service from Norway in the winter of 2013, I was asked to head up the UX and UI consultation with my design team. We worked closely with the organisation from Norway and the development team for Discovery, held by Accenture in London.

In the beginning, meetings were held for team introductions. In those meetings, functionality from the existing system were captured and a list was made of what needed to happen for the transition of that system on to Discoverys platform.

Tasks were delegated from the list to specific team members with timelines attached. It was my job to create a site map and wireframes showing how the initial user journey of registration would function on the new platform.

Once that was complete and signed off then the user interface was created with the assistance of the head designer in Norway, who had developed the brand identity.




Registration Site Map

Below is a site map which shows the overall journey that the user will take to register and pay for their tv subscription service.


Registration, Subscription and Account Wireframes



There were several rounds of wireframes. Below is the 6th and final version that was signed off by the team in Norway before visuals were built.

These wireframes show the user journey for registration, payment for subscription and the My Account area where the user can edit their details to the tv subscription service.


Registration Visuals


Once the wireframes were signed off, visuals were created for each view. The initial actions for registration are very simple. 

The user enters their email address and the system sends them an email containing a link which returns them to the site to enter the remainder of their details.

Once registered they can purchase a subscription. They are unable to watch any programmes until they have made a payment.



My Account and Subscription Views

All of the forms and administration views for this services were kept very clean in appearance.

I haven't shown all of the screens for these areas,  as they end up looking the same. To understand the journey, please check the site map and wireframes.



Main Site Wireframes

The main site for TV Norge was to be designed around the CMS 'widget' based design that the Discovery channels currently use. This system allows local teams to build the site around content that is relevant to their schedule.

The below annotated document shows how widgets were to be set out on the homepage, before the user had logged in.

For the launch date the site wasn't required to be responsive so it was only desktop that is explained.




Main Site Visuals

The following visuals were designed purely for desktop and are what the user would see whether they are logged in or not.

Some functionality isn't available to users if they don't have an account - like live streaming of a 'programme'. If they aren't logged in when they choose to watch something, they are prompted to do so.



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